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Before scheduling your first consultation with us, please explore the resources below that will help to explain the various Visa options, curated investments and tax information available.

Portugal Visa Programs

D2 Visa

The Entrepreneur's Route

D2 Visa

A visa solution for Entrepreneurs, Freelancers and independent service providers who are transacting business in Portugal
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D3 Visa

Highly Qualified Activity (HQA)

D3 Visa (HQA)

A passive residency-by-investment visa
Highly skilled professionals
Low minimum stay requirement
Minimum 3 year duration
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D7 Visa

Passive Income Visa

D7 Visa

Stay in Portugal for 183 days per year
Minimum income levels apply
Permanent residency and citizenship after 6 years
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D8 Visa

Digital Nomad

D8 Visa

Stepping stone to residency
Designed for Remote Workers who wish to avoid the “Border run” every 90 days
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Golden Visa

Golden Visa through investment

Golden Visa

A visa solution for you and your family
Minimum stay of 14 days per year
Renewable every 2 years
Apply for Portuguese Residency and Citizenship after 5 years
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Tax Incentives For UK Residents

For UK residents considering moving to Portugal, Portugal offers a number of tax incentives under its Non-Habitual Resident tax regime including;

No Inheritance of Wealth Tax

Low Stamp Duty Rates

Exemptions for free transfers between qualifying family member that can help to reduce your tax liability