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D7 Visa
for retired or people living off thier own income

Correct as of March 2024, reading time: 5 minutes

Retirement or income-dependent visas in Portugal are designed for foreign citizens from non-EU countries, including the European Economic Area and Switzerland. These visas cater to retirees and individuals who plan to reside in Portugal while living off their own income.

Now that we have covered who qualifies for retirement or income-dependent visas in Portugal, let’s explore the key eligibility requirements that you’ll need to meet to make your dream of living in Portugal a reality.

Table of Contents

For Retirees

An essential requirement for obtaining this visa is the demonstration of a reliable source of income. For retirees, this proof must be done by presenting the following documentation:

  • Documentation confirming retirement income
  • Income Tax Return
  • Proof of financial means within Portugal

For Applicants Living off Their Own Income

For applicants who live off their own income, it is necessary to demonstrate the financial capacity to ensure their livelihood in Portugal. This can be achieved through:

  • Documentation proving income from movable or immovable property, financial investments etc
  • Income Tax Return
  • Documentation proving the availability of financial means in Portugal.

Residency Visa Essentials

In order to apply for a Residence Visa, you must submit your application to the Embassy, Consular Post, or Visa Application Center in your country of origin or in the country where you are legally residing. It’s essential to follow the appropriate application process based on your location. 

The Residence Visa grants its holder the privilege of obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit from Portugal’s Foreign and Border Services Department (SEF) and also allows for the application of Family Reunification. 

  • Initially, the Visa is valid for four months, during which the Visa holder must travel to Portugal and request the conversion of the Visa into a Temporary Residence Permit with SEF. 
  • A Temporary Residence Permit is valid for two years and is renewable for additional three-year periods.
  • If you hold a Temporary Residence Permit you are required to remain in the country for no more than six consecutive months or eight alternating months throughout the permit’s total validity period.

Once your Residence Permit is issued, the request of Family Reunification can be submitted for:

  • A spouse or unmarried partner
  • Adult children who are single, studying in national territory and who are dependent of the couple or one of the spouses
  • The minors and the adopted minors
  • Parents/in laws that are under the guardianship of the resident
  • Minor siblings that are under the guardianship of the resident.